Get To Know: Llama Love™

‘Llama Love™’ New Release range for 2019 continues our mission on bringing original designs and stunning colour pallets for you to enjoy and collect.

Llamas are well known for being great guardians and companions for their owners. They are curious, friendly and gentle animals, so Llama Love™ is a great way to give a special gift to someone that deserves recognition in your heart.

Inspiration for ‘Llama Love™’ has been taken from the beautiful colours of the South American landscape and traditional bright hand woven and spun wool colours.

‘Llama Love™’ has seen us expand our range to 15 different pieces of stunning stationary and gifting – gorgeous tassle embellishments, eye catching packaging and high quality enameled key chains.

We also see the introduction of Trinket Bowls, Round Metal Tins, Glass Magnets and even a beautiful tasseled Tote Bag.