Get To Know: Wunzees™

Wunzees™ are vinyl figurines targeted at children within the age group of 4-12.

Each Wunzees™ collectable figurine features a child in a fun onesie costume based on the character’s spirit animal, with a collector’s card that includes their name, unique personality traits, a fun fact and their friends in the Wunzees world.

The Wunzees™ brand offers loveable characters that many different children can resonate with making them a must have item to decorate their bedrooms, bookshelves and desks. Through play with Wunzees™, children can immerse themselves in imagination and creativity, creating their own stories and worlds in which the Wunzees™ live.

Children will be able to regularly add to their collection as each Wunzees™ series released offers wonderfully new and different characters, not only covering the world of animals but also various fantasy and magical creatures.

Wunzees™ are sure to inspire the creativity and inventiveness of young minds whilst establishing the importance and benefits of friendship.

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