Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get a login to order on the TAG website?

A: You can apply for a log-in by going to the “Login” page by clicking on Login in the top RH corner of the home screen, then click “Register” (under the login area) to fill out the registration form. We will be back in touch with an approval to allow you to order through the website.

Q: How can I order through the TAG website?

A: After you have logged in you can browse or search for products to order. Once you have found the items you can add to your shopping cart and then checkout once you have completed your order.

Q: Will my cart keep the items in it if I logout and come back to complete the order later?

A: Yes, your cart will automatically save the items that are placed into it; you do not need to save before logging out. If you are unable to complete your order you can logout and login later to complete.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase?

A: Yes, our minimum wholesale order value still applies to website orders; a minimum order value of AUD250+gst applies.

Q: Is there a minimum quantity of each item I must buy?

A: Yes, all products are sold in unit quantities, these are indicated on the page that shows all the product information (just click on the product and it will launch this page). When adding to your cart, it adds in unit quantities, ie 1 = full unit. If a unit is 12 pieces, adding 1 is adding 12 pieces to your order.

Q: What if I realise I have made a mistake on my order after I have sent it through?

A: You can call or email Customer Service to advise of the issue you have.

Q: Why won’t my order go through?

A: Check that you have completed all the mandatory fields in the order form, if you still have a problem, you can close out and email customer service. The items will remain in your cart, so you can come back and complete your order later.